Get Your Shovels Ready

Last week we brought home tons of free stones from a stone wall to edge our driveway. This week we brought home a gazillion pounds of patio stones.
Look at the size of these things! Some of them are more than two inches thick. Definitely a score at $0.
S hauled all the stones with a little help from my dad earlier this week. At first we intended just to take as many as we needed for an 11'x12' patio, but since they were going to go to waste if we didn't take them, S decided to bring them all home. I think there's enough for at least a 20'x20' patio. That's huge. Now they're just waiting to be placed in their final home.

We're planning to build the patio in the corner of the yard next to the cute shed we built, here:
The yard is a little sloped so we're either going to level it out or make the patio have two tiers with a step somewhere in the middle. I think the tier option will be easier, but we'll see how things go, S is our master digger and yard-leveler after all.

Estimated cost for this project is a few hundred dollars for sand and crushed stonedust, a far cry from the thousands of dollars we estimated when we pushed the project from the to-do list to the wish-list a few months ago.

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