Houston, We Have a Problem

So obviously since we were deciding on flooring Thursday night our basement renovation wasn't finished yesterday. Am I disappointed? Yeah, a little. I really wanted the three day weekend to be able to move our stuff back in downstairs. And we didn't make great plans for one of the summer's three three-day weekends because we thought we'd be moving. Oh well. Apparently there were lots of angles, which made plastering take longer. Not really sure how we ended up with more angles than the plans...but I do suppose they boxed out a lot of ducts in closets, etc. Is it the end of the world? Not in the least bit.

So the new estimate is that we'll be moving in next weekend. Do I believe that? Nope, not at all. Cause we've got a problem, Houston. The flooring we chose is out-of-stock and won't be in for two to six weeks. Um, that's either a week off from the new estimate or forever away. And by forever away I mean we have visitors coming in two weeks and we NEED our rooms upstairs back before then. We think we may have found a vendor that will price match and deliver the floor in a week and a half, but they're closed this weekend so we'll have to wait 'til Tuesday to find out if they're our solution.

Despite the delay and the floor drama, they're making good progress downstairs. Yes, plastering and painting has taken forever and a day, but it's really looking good. Here's the latest from the corner in the den taken on Wednesday:
The cubby under the stairs to the left is where our freezer will live and the cubby with the angled opening will have a door so we can use the under-stair space for storage.
Here you can see the storage closet across from the freezer cubby, which has a pocket door that's already installed, it's just kind of hidden in this photo. I suppose that's the point of a pocket door, no? The door down the hall on the left goes to the little bedroom, it also has a pocket door that's pocketed in this photo.
At the very end of the hallway is the laundry nook, which got a regular six-panel door later in the week, and to the right directly across from the bedroom is the fabulous new bathroom. With its fabulous new tile...
TA-DA! Marble basket weave tile for the floor. We bought in on a total whim and we love it! The grout is scheduled to go in on Monday, so we expect that we'll have a fully functioning bathroom by mid-week. We'd better buy a toilet this weekend.

And finally, yesterday they started building the built-in shelves in the corner of the den. They're going to be amazing! (You can also see the color we chose for the walls...yes, gray).
We're going to have cabinets at the bottom and shelves on top on the left and right sides of the corner where we used to have our TV. The whole set-up makes use of area that used to be dead space behind our furnace, we just boxed out the ducts and steel beam near the ceiling. The crazy thing is that even with the cabinet portion sticking out into the room, we still have more space in the room than we did before because we pushed the whole wall back into the old cavity on the right and left. 
We couldn't decide whether we wanted to put our TV on the right or left wall, so we ended up splitting the difference and making a corner unit so the TV can sit on the cabinet top. The corner shelf is sized to fit our 32" TV perfectly. We thought we'd bring our big TV downstairs, but when we realized just how big that corner shelf would have to be to fit a 46" TV, we scraped the idea.
We'll have fixed shelves behind the TV to hide all those aviation books that will never be read again, but just can't be given away and to the right and left of the corner section, the shelves will be adjustable. The progress today is even more impressive, but it was too dark to take photos by the time I went downstairs.

So with the rest of the schedule up in the air, we'll just have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to figure out what will happen next. As things get closer to being finished we just get that much more anxious for things to be done. These guys are great, but I just want them out of my house. Well really, we just want all our stuff back where it belongs. And we want to vacuum, dust and wash the floors...without a fine dust settling down twenty minutes later. Thank goodness we didn't tackle this whole project alone, the end would never be in sight if we had.

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  1. That's the worst - so close you can taste it with a legitimate hold up. Hopefully the other vendor will come through and you can get the floor down in the nick of time. fingers crossed!!!

  2. Ooooh, very nice! I can't wait to see it finished. I LOVE the marble floor.

  3. that basketweave tile is so cool! I'm sure it will all be beautiful when it gets finished up. For what it's worth I can't believe so much progress has been made in such a short time- it seems like the project was just started. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  4. Loving your blog which I came across after seeing you on BlogHer Gourmet Live. I love the basket weave tile and also your kitchen backsplash. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!


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