A Tile Splurge

We have drywall and tile going up downstairs this week. And as I type, one of the guys is just outside my window cutting wood for the built-in shelving - the end is in sight!

We decided to splurge on marble tile for the bathroom. We're only going to do this bathroom once, so we decided to take the plunge and allocate a little extra budget for tile. We initially found tile that we liked at a local tile shop, but when we found similar tile at Lowe's for nearly half the price, we had to go with the more budget-friendly option. We were a little concerned that the quality might be a bit less in comparison, but have been assured that we chose a quality tile. Let's hope so, 'cause there's no going back now.
We chose a smaller sized subway tile for the shower walls, but not quite as small as the 1x2 tile we're planning to use in our kitchen (we haven't forgotten about the kitchen backsplash project). Each mostly-white tile is 2x3. The floor is very cool and not the hexagon tile we planned on initially! I expect that they'll start the floor within the next day or two, so we'll have photos soon. I know I have at least one blogger friend who used the same tile in her bathroom....

Between the floor and shower walls I think we bought somewhere around 350 sheets of tile. And just because I'm a little neurotic and wanted to make sure we didn't choose any tile with too much yellow or brown tint, we went through every single box and every single sheet before loading it into our cart. It took forever. It was exhausting.
In other news this week, we had the guys plumb the laundry room for a gas dryer, in addition to wiring for the electric dryer we currently own.
We're really making an effort to think of how we'll use the space and how a future owner might use it. Like we said, we're only doing this once, so we want to do it right.

Finally, we'll leave you with last night's shot from the corner in the den:
Our contractor said they should be finished by next Friday, which would give us the long weekend to move back in. Three cheers for that! If they finish Friday that will total 4.5 weeks of work, only .5 weeks longer than they estimated. And that extra half-week was totally out of their control since they lost two or three days of work while they waited for the insulation guys to come spray more insulation per the building inspector's request.

Up next, choosing paint colors...two guesses on what color we'll choose.

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  1. Hmmm... wonder who that blogger friend was?

    Love that tile!!

    Making your chicken gyros for dinner tonight. Can't wait!!

  2. Love the tile so far! Can't wait to see the rest :-)

  3. M - and to think, if you didn't bring 15 women through your master bath, I would have never known how amazing it looks!

  4. It's looking so good!! Love that tile!


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