Tuesday Treats: Tasty Trail Mix

We've totally slacked on Tuesday Treats lately, but listen, when there's hammering, sawing and whatever on earth they were doing that was SO LOUD this week going on directly under the kitchen, it's just not a place you want to be. We've gone treatless.

But, like I mentioned yesterday, we've got family coming into town and plans that may  include sightseeing, touring, and doing stuff that could leave you dying for a baggie of something in your purse at 4pm. So I mixed up this trail mix with goodies from the pantry and stashed it in a few ziplock sandwich bags. Totally tasty treat to get us through from lunch 'til dinner. Or at least until cocktail hour.
I just used what we had on hand, plus a bag of M&M's. You can create whatever combination you like, just add a little low-sugar, high-fiber cereal to give the mix filling power and vary the textures of your ingredients for a little interest. Yum.

Tasty Trail Mix

1 medium bag M&M candies
1 medium jar of peanuts
1 medium container of raisins
1 sleeve of Fiber One cereal
1/2 c. mini chocolate chips
1 box of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, chopped

Combine everything in a large bowl, toss to mix. Portion into individual ziplock baggies.

This is also a great trail mix for traveling - S often takes a big ziplock bag full with him on long distance flights, which can last ten days or more!

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  1. A great idea. The trail mix and the cocktail hour :)


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