You Want Hot Water Outside?

One of my favorite little things about the basement renovation is the addition of a hot water faucet outside. Wait, are you looking at me like I have two heads just like our contractor looked at me when I made the request? Well ya'll may think I'm crazy, but Feeney really appreciated his nice hot shower last weekend.
Yes, I wear foul weather gear while washing the dog
And I really appreciated how I didn't have to clean the bathroom afterward. Just 'cause the Feens is a non-shedding dog doesn't mean he doesn't get a bathtub dirty.... Plus the water pressure on the exterior faucet is way more impressive than our shower head, which cut shower time in half, at least. And when you give your dog lavender shampoos every other weekend like I do, cutting down actual washing time is a huge plus. Even the dogs know they smell good.
Lexi got outdoor lavender showers during her two week visit from Maine too
Exterior hot water faucets are also fabulous for things like washing cars in the winter to prevent premature rusting without getting frostbite (a habit picked up from my dad's obsession with keeping his cars salt-free in the winter. Need milk and it's snowing? You're going to be waiting 4 days 'til the roads are dry again.)

Not to gush on about our contractor's attention to detail - but when they drilled through the wall for the new faucet, the only logical placement was to the right of the current cold water faucet. Hot water is supposed to go on the left when you have two faucets; even though these are just outside utility faucets the guys re-routed the water inside to change the existing cold water faucet into a left-hand hot water and made the new right-hand faucet cold. It's our first big contractor experience so maybe everyone would do that, but we're impressed nonetheless.

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  1. Wow! Lexi looks just like my Angus! Angus is jealous of Feeney's hot showers - cold showers for him in the summer but warm baths in the basement in the winter.

  2. My little old lady is a little bit more gray than Angus, I think. But I thought the same thing when I met him (and almost sneaked him home with me).

  3. Love it! Feens and Lexi look like they had a good time together after all. That picture is pitifully adorable!

  4. Here in TX we don't need so much hot water outside, but our skinny shorthaired dog surrrrre would love it. :) She got a bath yesterday morning before the sun came up when she rolled in something nasty on our morning run and even though it's muggy and hot during the day here, she hates the cool hose water.

  5. Funny. My husband and I just built our first home, and had a debate about whether to upgrade and have the hot water put in the garage. We don't even have pets but thought it might be nice to have for cars, or future owners that do have pups to wash. We love it too!


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