Grout is Messy

S flew over the weekend (I was alone for my birthday, which just meant I had ice cream for dinner, I highly recommend it) so he had Monday off. Even though he was a touch jet-lagged (side note: how jet lagged would you guess one can get in a 36 hour trip to California when one only spend 17 hours on the ground? I'm still trying to figure these things out.) he decided to grout the kitchen.
It was far messier than the tiling itself. S might not agree, but getting the grout off the tiles was definitely not a "wipe lightly with a damp sponge" kind of affair.
We need to give it a few mores days curing time before giving it a final seal and adding a bead of caulk around the base. Plus, after all the stanky poly I've been breathing all week I'd really like to wait 'til the weekend when "cooler" temps might mean we can open with windows while we seal.

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  1. I love this mini subway tile -- I'm looking for a similar type for my kitchen. Where did you get yours from? (Sorry if you posted this info already and I missed it!)

  2. I'm in love with that tile! Good choice!


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