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They need to polish the tile. Polishing tile. That is the only thing left to do downstairs. And does polishing tile prevent you from moving into the living room? The bed room? The dream paaaaaantry? No, it does not. And thus we have my new favorite thing about our basement renovation:
The spice shelves in the dream pantry! I love them. It's so hard to play favorites when everything is so perfect downstairs, but I just love the alphabetized order of spices amid the still-chaos of our half-organized home. I like sliding the pocket door open and peeking in on a pleasant little surprise. And the little fronts of each of those perfectly spaced shelves? They have a slight lip so that if you happen to brush against one of the spice jars, they won't immediately tumble to the floor. Of course, why would you bump into them when the width of the door jamb is precisely sized according to the depth of the shelves, which are precisely deep enough for the largest can in pantry?

In mere months we've graduated from stairwell shelving that I tried my best to make look spiffy and neat, to my dream pantry. Quite an improvement, no?
And just wait 'til I show you the stairwell now. I think you'll be impressed.

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  1. Your new spice rack is amazing!! It turned out beautifully.

  2. Love! An organized pantry always makes me smile! :)


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