Sail Bags are Keeping me Busy

I've been super busy making sail bags over the past month or two. We've had several graduation and teacher gift orders (just in time for a summer at the beach!) And of course there are all those June babies who need an awesome diaper bag. I love this one that I made for my girlfriend Carrie's new baby Everett:
We met up on a recent trip to Maine and she had her E bag packed to the gills. She said it's the absolute best for toting all his baby gear :) Big brother Selwyn has his own sail bag for all his gear too. Such stylin' boys.

And it's not just the sewing and splicing that's been keeping me busy; we've had a couple used sails come in that master cutter S graciously cut to size for me. It's soooo much easier to do this in the yard all at once - especially since we don't have any rooms big enough in the beehive to spread out the full sails.
Shoot us an email if you're cleaning out your attic and have a used sail that needs a new life; we'll send you a customized sail bag from our Etsy shop in exchange!

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  1. Style and functionality definitely go together using that material and an ounce of that lovely creative juice of yours. I'm hoping for more designs in the future!


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