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Up until this week we did too. But then just like that, we made a decision on the floor, stressed the importance of having our upstairs back to normal for guests coming on the 10th and voila work central around here again. Not that work ever let up, but we haven't had five or six guys in the basement at one time in a few weeks. And let's face it, we're three or four weeks behind schedule.

You know what work central means? It means guys are here before I wake up in the morning and don't leave before 8. It's too crowded for me to go traipsing downstairs for photos in the middle of the day, and my Spanish and Russian are limited to about four words each, so getting good update photos is proving a bit difficult. Last night I went down at 8:30 and had the bejesus scared out of me when I discovered a guy was down there staining the stairs. All alone. No music on. Not talking to himself, like I would have been if I were staining steps. Well, I thought he was all alone 'til I opened the pantry door to discover another guy was painting the inside of the door. Apparently I'm the world's biggest pest; the basement is not my space to be in right now.

The flooring showed up Monday and is in the new bedroom acclimating to the space. We bought enough so we can also do the floor in my office...someday. And since it was a clear-out color, we also bought a spare box if we ever have some floor-destroying catastrophe downstairs. Like a water heater that leaks all over the bedroom. 

Yesterday we decided to put tile under the stairs where the freezer lives. It hadn't crossed our minds until S went downstairs, discovered the workers had knocked the freezer door open and it sat in a growing puddle. There's a 90% chance one of us will do that someday. Tile solves the potential floor catastrophe issue.

The sink and faucet are installed in the bathroom:
We chose the Kohler Fairfax bathroom faucet. We bought both it and the kitchen sink style, but thought the reach on the kitchen model want too far toward the front of the sink (shown above). I didn't want to wash my hands and have water splash over the front of the sink. The bathroom style has a shorter reach and is a bit more petite. It looks cute with the huge basin.
We also adding a little back splash on the back and side of the sink to save the walls from water damage. We're all about preventing water damage these days.

We have a ton of storage in the new linen closet, which I refer to as the off-season bedding storage closet.

The shower is totally finished. But like I said, you just don't know when there are really quiet worker toiling away so there's no way I'm taking a shower down there 'til I know they're done, done.
 I love the shampoo nook and that it's ever so slightly tilted forward so it doesn't collect water...and ya know, cause damage.
Oh no wait, the bathroom isn't done, we're still waiting on the fancy glass door that we spent a small fortune on but a much smaller fortune than it would have been if our contractor didn't "know a guy."

Over in the den, we've got built-ins that are completely built. (The doors were elsewhere being painted).
Apparently the built-in maker was a cabinet maker before immigrating to the US. We're impressed with his skills. He also made that weird shaped door under the stairs, which should be just wide enough to fit a Rubbermaid tote into the extra storage space. Fingers are crossed that it works out as planned, 'cause we couldn't exactly get at any of our totes stacked in the shed to measure. And check out that new railing where we used to have a flimsy paneled wall. It mimics the railing upstairs perfectly. Huge improvement. Huge.
And finally, the pantry, my favorite spot, has all its shelves and is in the process of getting a few coats of paint.
You can't really tell here, but the insides of all the closets are the palest lavender. I was going to choose something bold, but when faced with the unfamiliar Duron paint fan and a few hours to decide, I just chose what looked nice that day. I was a little concerned that a dark color would suck up too much light, so I went light, but apparently I didn't need to be concerned - the two recessed lights in the pantry alone make it like high noon in there. I expect S to be able to find spices in record time with all that light. Of course they'll be arranged alphabetically, but those dedicated spice shelves on the left will help too. And each shelf has a little lip so that when you walk in the door the spices won't fall over if you accidentally brush against them. Ikea's spice shelves that everyone seems to be using for kids' books these days were my inspiration.

To the right of the pocket door in the pantry are the deeper shelves for all our serving ware, baking pans, etc. Basically everything we used to keep on the Ikea Gorm shelves before-renovation.
The shelves form a J around the back and side walls and the wall that the pocket door slides into. The board on the right had to be added because the pocket door assembly made the front wall too unstable to support the shelves. Small price to pay for more storage.

Tonight when I went downstairs they were leveling a section of the floor in the den so the engineered hardwood wouldn't buckle. It was a big ole mess and there were five people in one room. So while I might have been able to take a photo of the built-ins with their doors on, it just wasn't the time. But I promise, the little section of flooring they had done looked amazing. Amazing.

The end is so close I can taste it. Oh no wait, that's the polyurethane getting circulated around the house by the central a/c. I'd open the windows if it weren't 95 degrees at 11pm, but instead I'll just put some rags in front of the intake vents and pull the covers over my nose tonight. So close.

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  1. That is one heck of an update!! Congrats!! It is looking fan-tabulous!

  2. It is looking SO good! I am in love with that shower tile. I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Me too, Brittney, I can barely stand it!

  4. We installed that same sink at my mom's! Really love the look of it. Your reno is really looking great!

  5. I love the bathroom! Your tile choices are gorgeous :)


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