Eating My Words

I've posted no less than three times about my dislike of ceiling fans. Well, specifically how much I hated the three ugly ceilings fans that were caked in dust and covered in grime that were in all three bedrooms when we bought our house.
They were some of the first things to go. We replaced them with new lights that we loved...

But OMG if it isn't hotter than Hades around here then I don't know what is!! And the table-top fan we used all last summer just isn't cutting it this year. Someone claims I'm hogging the breeze. And maybe the problem is we still have a file cabinet, which still needs a home downstairs, partially blocking the a/c duct in our bedroom. But today I threw in the towel and I'm eating my words.

I want a ceiling fan. There. You win, ceiling fan lovers!
Of course the two I bought to choose from (there were so many on the ceiling I couldn't get a good look at either display model) are waaaaay more modern than the beauties we had before. Maybe I'll learn to tolerate love them.

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  1. I think we bloggers should band together and somehow make ceiling fans "in".

    I almost had my husband convinced to remove the one in our master bedroom this spring......and then the heat it...stupid summer. :P

  2. haha. Sometimes convenience and practicality turned down aesthetic beauty. Hoping that the ceiling fan will cool you down, eh.

    Peny@embroidery digitizing service

  3. yep comfort usually trumps beauty! And at least they are stylish. You will love them in this 90 something heat!!

  4. Anonymous7/11/2011

    Just give the blades a quick dust now and then and they will stay pristine. I've no idea how the absurdity that fans were decoratively sinful got started, but it's time that everyone came to their collective senses. Ceiling fans are ecologically sound and quite lovely in their own right.

  5. Celing fans may not be gorgeous, but they are a great way to reduce energy costs! When winter comes, you can reverse the fan and it will keep the warm air from rising up to the ceiling. You can just claim that you're being eco-conscious. :) I run mine practically year-round, becuase I like the airflow... I can't stand a stuffy room!

  6. GO CEILING FANS! I'm making a t-shirt and pulling out the pom-poms, because I love them. I haveone that's really similiar to the 5-minute-fan from Hunter. We really really like it.


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