Is That a...

What's that? Is that a...? Yes! It's a new bedroom without a toilet in it!
No, the bathroom tile isn't finished, but we're close and since everyone's work and holiday schedules were going to make it nearly impossible for the tile to be finished-finished before the end of September, our contractor put the toilet and vanity back where they belong for the time being. The bathroom floor isn't sealed so we can't use the shower and we need to walk on the floor with really clean shoes or socks, but it's a usable bathroom. And let me tell you, having two bathrooms is amazing. We've got choices: upstairs or downstairs? It's great.

As you can see above, the bedroom has an exterior entrance, which saved us quite a bit on the renovation because we didn't need to dig and cut for an egress window in this room. The door's window combined with the window above the bed makes the space surprisingly bright during the day. Ya know, for a garden level. We have a shade for the door that matches those on the rest of the doors in the house, but we just need to figure out how to hang it on the metal door without creating a small disaster.

It's a small room, so only a full-sized bed (or twin sized bunk beds, I suppose) fits, but it's perfect for a guest room. Or for when it's 110 degrees out and you need somewhere really cold to sleep.

At the foot of the bed we have a white cabinet that I first bought for an apartment with a HUGE bathroom and no storage. It then lived in the unfinished portion of our basement with all our laundry stuff stacked inside. Now it's available for guests...til' I fill it up.

Directly across from the exterior door and also at the foot of the bed is the pocket door that leads out to the hallway. I'm in love with the pocket doors.
And because this room is also our access to the furnace and hot water heater, we have these louvered doors on the wall next to the exterior entrance. I thought I'd hate the louvered doors, but they're much less obtrusive than I expected. When you first walk into the room they're slightly hidden by the jut-out that you can see on the left, here:
That jut-out is part of the closet for the bedroom. Since S decided to sell his never-used desk, we designated this closet as his "office" and uniform spot.
The rolling basket cart and rolling file cabinet fit perfectly next to each other and still allows room for his lesser-used clothes. Of course we still need to actually unpack that laundry basket of office stuff into the basket cart. The closet is wired for a light, but we decided against one because duct work above the ceiling meant we couldn't do a recessed light and any hanging light would mean less storage on the shelf. The recessed light directly outside the closet in the room provides plenty of light. We love the halogen recessed lights down here.

We still need to hang pictures and decorate a bit. I'm thinking this will be the flying room, so S has a spot for all his flying memorabilia that seems to take up a room in every pilot's home. Think he'd be up for painting a compass or a chart on the ceiling? Does anyone use a compass anymore? Just when the GPS dies?

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  1. Anonymous7/25/2011

    We had the same problem in our den when we remodeled. We have an outside door with a half glass six pane window in it that I wanted to cover with a curtain. We found magnetic curtain rods at either Target or Big Lots. I actually think we found some at both but liked one kind better. Sorry I can't be of more help with name brand or anything but it was over a year ago that we remodeled, but they are out there. They just "stick" to the door, no drilling necessary. Hope this helps!

  2. we have one of those magnetic cafe rods (we got it at Kmart for $15). Google "magnetic cafe rod", that should do the trick. One note--our magnetic one did leave scratches on the door when we slid it up to make it level. Oops. Learn from our mistake!


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