Oh! So That's Why You Buy Extra

So when you buy vinyl siding the experts say to buy 10% more than you need. And inevitably you always end up with a bunch of siding left over. So you bring it back to the store.... Well, we've learned that you may just want to keep a bit of it. Ya' know, so when you wack the heck out of it with the weed whacker and the siding cracks and shatters, you have enough leftover pieces to make a little patch.
Thankfully, we weren't allowed the bring back the extra siding from our shed project. So now the siding looks good as new again. And S takes all the credit...for the damage and the repair.

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  1. Anonymous7/12/2011

    This seems like the longest reveal ever for your basement.

  2. Sounds like a story right out my family's book! I always wondered why people saved their extra carpet scraps until I needed some. Now I make sure to keep all extra scraps from major projects.



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