This is the Weekend

The basement has been finished for about a week or two now, except for some pesky problem with the floor tiles that needs to be fixed. Apparently someone sealed the tiles before cleaning excess grout off the tiles first. It's kind of a mess, but we're assured it will be fixed soon.

Luckily the tile issue won't keep us from moving in over the upcoming long holiday weekend! We've started to bring down our furniture and we have an idea of where things will go, but this is the weekend when we'll tackle the lofty goal to empty out Feeney's room completely and find a home in the new space for everything that has been stored in there over the past few months. I can't wait.

Why did we wait so long to move in, if the space has been finished for a week or two? Well, last weekend we were kind of busy celebrating with this beautiful couple:
At this beautiful chapel:
And relaxing at this house:
With this beautiful view:
It's always nice to get away for a weekend to enjoy the chaos of too many people staying at one place at once, don't you think?

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