What a Productive Weekend

What a productive weekend. S already brought all of our pantry stuff that we'd stored in the dining room down to the new pantry a couple weeks ago since it was the first room to be finished and could be closed off while the guys finished up. And he emptied the little room of 75% of its contents so he could get at all the Ikea Gorm shelves we'd stored stuff on during construction - remember when they lined the walls of the entire unfinished half of our basement, here?
We thought we'd need to find new homes for some of the shelves on Craig's List, but this weekend we managed to put every single shelf to use in the shed. It was a huge undertaking that involved emptying everything out of the shed and onto the lawn. This was just the beginning:
And then some serious measuring and planning before we came up with an "E" configuration that basically splits the shed in half and creates a big area of shelves in the middle of the E for all those things we were really afraid we'd never find a home for again. Like lampshades. Over a dozen lampshades that S was so desperately hoping would end up at Goodwill.
On the left we have all of our tools and yard care stuff. On the right we have all our non-temperature sensitive decoration and off-season storage. We have two shelves just for painting supplies (the paint is in the house since it gets waaaaay too hot out here) and our painting outfits and a shelf just for work shoes and boots, as much as I would have liked to have half of those go to Goodwill.

Up above the rafters we have suitcases and camping supplies on one side and extra building supplies on the other. We stored the extra boxes of wood flooring (enough to put a new floor in my office, yay!) inside, under the bed in the new extra guest room downstairs so they'd be exposed to less temperature change, but two boxes didn't fit, so they're above the rafters too.
Look, the giant gardening tote my mom bought us even has its own shelf! 
 And the best part of all is that we're left with several empty or near-empty shelves so that as we slowly but surely organize the closets and storage spaces in the new "garden-level," we can bring out a few more things to make room inside for all our everyday necessities. We're definitely pleasantly surprised that we've been able to find new homes for everything. And finally S is believing my mantra, "don't worry it will be fiiiine" that I repeated over and over when he'd look around our cluttered, during-construction house and wonder how on earth we'd find space for everything after the dust settled.

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  1. Productive weekends are great, but I have to say- I hated cleaning out or shed and sorting everything, we did get rid of so much junk though!

  2. We cleaned out our garage (it was like a storage shed :) a few weeks ago, it is Amazing the difference it makes to have everything in its designated place! I can finally pull my car in/or work on larger projects! I even posted about my garage adventure because I was so happy with the outcome.
    I'm sure you will enjoy your new set up. I love your blue le creseut pot, I've been covering one for a while!


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