90 Seconds Without Power

I'm in Maine again this week while S holds down the fort back at the beehive (the benefits of working remotely certainly outweigh the loneliness this week!) S reports that our little beehive survived both the earthquake and the hurricane this week, nary a fallen branch in sight. He didn't even have a flicker of lost power, keeping our streak of never having lost power alive.

Meanwhile we're without power here on the farm today. But in the land of nor'easters that could put this tropical storm to shame (no snow and ice covered branches weighing the trees down in this wind), we come prepared...with a huge propane powered generator that switches on as soon as the power is out for more than 90 seconds. Our freezers are freezing, water pumps are pumping, and there's no need to step away from the sewing projects today:

It's just another rainy craft day around here and we're hoping the cleanup down the east coast is sunny and easier than forecasted today.

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