I Want

A hot pink kitchen aid mixer? Yes please!

If we didn't have such nice hardwood floors in our kitchen, I'd consider dropping my mixer on the floor just so I'd need a new one ;)

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  1. Well, I seriously want to trade in my light pink one for this one! LOOOOVVVEEE

  2. Anonymous8/09/2011

    If it's a Kitchen Aid that you want to replace, I'm afraid dropping it on the kitchen floor will not work. Maybe from the top of the Empire State Building. . .
    Kathy from NJ

  3. Ah! I love anything hot pink. Too bad my husband would drop THIS one on the floor so it would break...he just doesn't appreciate my Legally Blonde vibe...:)

  4. This could do well for my niece's kitchen. It's faded pink walls could complement this.


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