Our Next BIG Projects

Now that we've finished our basement renovation for the most part (still waiting to take a shower down there) we're excited to move on to our next big projects.
We're taking on an overhaul of the little bedroom upstairs, one of our three original bedrooms and not quite the littlest of the bedrooms now that we've added a fourth bedroom downstairs. Wait, you ask, isn't that Feeney's room? One of the only bedrooms specifically for a dog floating around blogland? The one totally paper-free room in our house?
Yes, it is Feeney's room with his elephant dog bed that matches the elephant valances and the turquoise bookshelf interior. But when we started our basement renovation this room became our storage room for everything we'd previously stored downstairs and Feeney moved to our room, which frankly, he preferred since he's practically my shadow and we all know shadows don't deal well with doors.

Perhaps more important, is the reason why we hired a contractor to renovate our basement at all, as opposed to tackling the project as we originally planned: I've been working on growing a baby bee for the past six months; we're expecting its big reveal in December!
F @ 25 weeks
Because it took more than a little effort and heartbreak to get to this point, we didn't want me doing a single thing to risk losing another little bee in the beginning, so any kind of demo, reno, or doing much more than pointing to where each closet, recessed light and outlet would be was off the table. Which was probably a good decision since the side effects of pregnancy came on strong and lasted for a long time - there's no way I could have swung a hammer much less held my weight in a full basement renovation. Good old nausea is the sole reason for the swift decline in Saturday Supper posts and the elimination of Tuesday Treats (the thought of baking just doesn't appeal, to say the very least), which will hopefully make their return in the coming months - fingers crossed.

Now that we've managed to make it through several ultrasounds without finding out if we're expecting a Bee or a Bea, we're getting to work on a gender neutral nursery. Bold, but gender neutral. Feeney will likely continue to sleep on his elephant tuffet in our room, but we're not blind to the fact that as my shadow, he'll be spending plenty of time next to the nursery rocking chair, so we'll make sure his bed still goes well with our vision. And speaking of vision, I spent the majority of the summer in Maine, where summer weather is perfect (shhh, that's still our secret, don't tell) and nothing like the swamp-like DC summers, with my sewing machine and a project list a mile long. Just wait 'til you see all the baby-related projects that I have to show you! And don't worry, we're not going all-baby-all-the-time...after all, that patio isn't going to build itself.

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  1. YAY!!!!! you are adorable and i could not be happier for you!!!! wishing you all the best and sending you a big hug!

  2. Woohoo! So glad the cat (err... bee!) is finally out of the bag! Congratulations and welcome back!!

  3. I just love it here! Thank you for cr8ting such an amazing blog!

    So many gr8 ideas!


  4. oh congratulations!!! praying for a healthy rest of your pregnancy, safe delivery and beautiful little bumble bee (or bea)!!!!

  5. Congradulations!

    I'm new to your blog but was very excited to find out you guys were from Maine (me too!)

  6. I knew it!!!! As soon as I read the title! Congrats! You are so cute with your little bump, pregnancy looks great on you! Sorry I haven't been by in awhile, I've been reading just no comments :( Wishing you all the best! Being a parent is such an awesome experience, in every sense of the word! Welcome to the club!

  7. Jessica8/31/2011

    Congratulations! I actually kinda had an inkling about this since you had been pinning baby stuff on Pinterest. You found some great ideas and I cant wait to see you execute them all.

  8. Congrats!! Cute belly!

    I was wondering if you were preggo when I saw lots of baby stuff on Pinterest but I also pin lots of baby stuff and I'm nowhere near expecting so I just wasn't sure!

  9. Congratulations! You guys must be so excited! :)

  10. Congrats, congrats! So excited for you. Sending all great vibes for a happy healthy bee, and a fun nursery designing process, of course!

    - e

  11. Congrats!!!! Best wishes for continued health and baby fun!! I had a feeling when I read your post on black out curtains.

  12. Your bookshelf looks absolutely fantastic. I really like the choice of color. I want to display my favorite book with this simple but elegant bookshelf. Anyway, I'm praying for your safe delivery and healthy pregnancy.

  13. Anonymous9/06/2011

    Congrats, F! I am so happy for you guys and excited to see pics of the little bee's room whenever it's ready!

    - Julie

  14. I'm waaaay behind on reading, but YAY! What's your due date? I'm due Dec 30 (and also lost a "bee" previously). Crossing fingers for not an xmas baby.

  15. I suggest you add blue wallpaper or paint his room blue to match the turquoise bookshelf. The room is lovely by the way.

  16. I love the white and blue motif of the house. I wish I had something like that at home.


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