Renovated Garden Level: The Rest!

Last week, before we took off for a long weekend at my parents' cabin in the mountains of Maine, we started showing you our basement renovation. Now that we've had our fill of blueberry pancakes, kayaking, swimming in the lake and having several blissful days of the way summer weather should be, we're back to show you the rest of the renovation.

We left off just as we walked down our new stairs and into the new den. If you remember back in June, S gave me Ikea's Karlstad couch for my birthday. And now it finally has a home in the new den:
Over on the little end table, which was my grandparents' back in the day, one of my Goodwill finds has a new home.
To the right of the end table are our awesome new built-in cabinets and shelves, which we've yet to organize.
I love the shelf up on the left that's sized perfectly for our Fenway Park paining that Buzzy Trusiani painted for us as a wedding gift.
Eventually we'll hang it on the dark gray wall behind the shelf, but we're not quite at picture hanging stage yet (those things under the couch are paintings). Just to the right of the Fenway shelf is a shelf sized for our Directv receiver and DVD player. Perhaps the coolest custom sized feature of our new built-ins is that the corner shelf is sized exactly for a 32" flat screen TV.
And just in case we ever decide that we want to bring the 46" TV from upstairs down here instead (yes, please), the right-hand shelf is sized exactly for it - second outlet and all. It was fun deciding to include all these little details in our plan.

To the right of the built-ins we have a little sitting area with the chair that used to live in the guest room and the coffee table that used to be in front of the futon in the old den. 
As much as I love our new couch, this is my new favorite spot to sit. It has a perfect view of the TV and plenty of spots of rest a cup of tea.
Plus, the little shelf next to the wicker chair is where all my loose leaf knitting patterns live in the pink folder and ongoing projects live in the blue cubbies. In fact, there are lots of little hiding spots with crafty supplies in this room. In addition to all the books on the shelves, the cabinets on the right are where all my knitting and sewing books live. Best of all, on the other side of the room next to the couch is my new sewing nook. I'm in love.
This is yet another custom-sized spot. The wall that my sewing desk is facing is the pantry wall, which we sized specifically for my four-foot wide butcher block table. The custom sized space almost caused a problem when the new-to-us stair set we used extended nine inches farther into the room than the original stairs. This left too little room for an out-swinging pantry door and was the impetus for the pocket doors we used throughout the renovation.

Just under those pesky stairs is another nook, sized perfectly for our freezer, which we've just recently discovered isn't a standard sized freezer anymore. Crap.
We maximized all the space we possibly could during the renovation and while it's hard to see here, behind the desk waiting for a new home, there's a funky door as wide as an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote under the treads of the stairs so we can store off-season holiday decorations and clothes too temperature sensitive for the attic or shed.
Across from the freezer nook is our new storage closet, the back wall of which is nestled right against our furnace. We decided not to put built-in shelves in this closet and were shocked when we discovered that one Ikea Gorm shelf fits along the back perfectly.
The closet is perfect storage for decorations not being used elsewhere in the house, sails, sewing stuff, an extra sewing machine ('cause you know we all need an extra sewing machine) and much to S's chagrin, the Nordic Track.
Yes, we have a Nordic Track and yes, I use it just often enough when it's deathly hot outside that I refuse to get rid of it. Yes, I also have a gym membership, which I'm more apt to use, but that's just a minor detail now that we have such a perfect little storage spot.

Down the hall to the right of our new storage closet and just between the new bathroom to the right and the fourth bedroom to the left is another fabulous new nook....
The laundry closet!
It looks small and unassuming, but there's a lot going on in the laundry closet. There's a floor drain, just in case of an emergency leak and it's plumbed for a gas dryer in case a future owner doesn't have an electric dryer like ours. There's a dryer vent that vents out through the ceiling, into the bathroom closet and outside next to the bathroom fan vent. Plus, there's enough space to the left of the stacking unit for us to store the world's biggest ironing board, which despite its absurdly large size is perfect for working on sewing projects.

And just a note on floors. We absolutely love the engineered hardwood oak floors we installed throughout the renovation. But, because we know wood and water don't mix (remember we waterproofed the walls and lay several layers of vapor barrier under the floors) we installed large gray tiles in the laundry closet and under the stairs just in case the freezer ever leaks.

To the left of the laundry closet is the new bedroom we showed you a few weeks ago. And to the right is the new bathroom, but like we've said a gazillion times, the bathroom is still a work in progress.

And that's it, a BIG post for our BIG renovation!

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  1. Looks fantastic!! Would love to see it "in person" some time!!


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