Finally! A Toilet! A Shower!

Let's mark this day down in history, or more aptly in my little one line a day journal: our bathroom is finished! Our basement renovation is finished! There were a few minor bumps in the road, but wow are we happy with the outcome; we're all confetti and streamers over here.

If you're in the greater DC, NoVA, Baltimore area we definitely recommend Andrey at Denmax. Fair price, excellent work, really hard working crew, excellent attention to detail; you really can't ask for much more.  Plus, they put up with a pregnant woman who's a bit on the OCD side of particular on a normal day. A closet wall that needs to be precisely 49.5" long? Seriously, F? That's just the tip of the iceberg.

And with all that I'm really happy to finally reveal our new bathroom, the final reveal of our basement/garden level renovation.

I have a hard time believing this is our bathroom, in our house, that we own. I love it that much. I want to pack it up and take it with me when we leave. I'm in love.

Just for old time's sake, this is what this corner of the basement looked like the night we I moved in less than two years ago. (S was stuck in Spain with a "broken" plane so I had the pleasure of spending my first night in a strange new house on an air mattress alone.)
I'd say it's come a long way, don't you think?
The basket weave marble tile and marble subway tile are both from Lowes. The shower faucet is a Moen, the sink faucet is the "Fairfax" by Kohler, the toilet is the "Wellworth" by Kohler, the fan is an ultra silent by NuTone. The vanity, mirror, hooks and shelf are all from Ikea. The shower door is a custom door that Andrey had made for us for a fraction of the cost of the ones we priced out. The guy is a miracle worker with the deals.

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  1. Nothing short of amazing! Congrats!

  2. it looks awesome, felicity! love the materials you used!

  3. Your bathroom is stunning! It's so fresh yet timeless. I love it. :) It's an amazing transformation.

    I didn't know that Lowes carried basketweave tile... cool! I'm obsessed with marble and want it for whenever we get around to renovating our bathroom.

  4. Anonymous10/01/2011

    Wow wow wow! That bathroom turned out amazing! I love the color scheme. What a big transformation from what was there before.

  5. I LOVE It! Congrats on finishing that huge project and of course on baby bee! I can't find that basket weave tile at our local Lowes :( did you buy in store or online?

  6. Hi Rocky-
    We bought the tile at the Alexandria, VA Lowes, but I believe they were also available online. We ended up picking through every single sheet of tile to get ones that were as white as possible with less yellow or brown. Our local tile store had similar tile too and their prices weren't bad, but their return policy stunk and we knew we needed to buy extra. You may want to check out local shops before buying online. Good luck!


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