The Modern Bidet

Come on, you know you want one: the modern bidet, aka a diaper sprayer.
We're going the cloth diaper route. We have enough diapers from thirsties, bum genius, fuzzibunz, kissaluvs, etc. to diaper twins, which we're definitely not having. Apparently the diaper sprayer is just shy of a total necessity, so we bought one and S installed it this weekend. I asked him to elaborate on the installation for you all, but he said it was just about the easiest thing ever: shut the water off, unscrew one piece, screw another on, stick two ends of the plastic tubing on as instructed and hang the sprayer on the side of the toilet. And then he coined it the modern bidet, in an effort to make this whole baby thing a little more comedic and a little less OMG-we're-having-a-baby.

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  1. We have one but be careful the first few times till you get the pressure right...we sprayed diaper contents all ove the walls and floors :)

  2. THIS is genius!

  3. I wish they had that when my children where in diapers. I had three children and I used cloth for all of them all of the time. Try and use vinegar when you wash them and never ever use fabric softener as it #1. will be bad for your child, #2. makes the diaper not absorb much, which in the end...lol... is not what you want.

    Best wishes.

  4. Love it. And so true on the easy installation. I couldn't wait for the hubby to get home so I did it on my own. Good Luck with everything!


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