Old Navy, I'm in Love

I'm in loooove with Old Navy. Not the store, but ironically my favorite shirt this week is a long sleeve white and hot pink T from Old Navy that I may have to retire for a few days not only to wash it, but so that my neighbors don't think I only own one shirt. In reality I own more maternity clothing than any one person who works from home really needs, but I digress. I'm totally in love with this Old Navy:
Old Navy is Benjamin Moore's perfect deep, dark navy blue. And because the nursery is no longer Feeney's room I splurged on a quart of Aura and made the switch from the teal that matched Feeney's dog bed to a navy that looks amazing with the curtains I sewed that are just waiting to be hung in their new home.

I wasn't just browsing the aisles at our local Benjamin Moore dealer last weekend; I went there with the express purpose of buying a can of their Impervo paint in white to re-paint all the doors in our house, starting with the nursery. Last spring I'd started painting with a lesser quality, yet fairly expensive paint from a giant box store and stopped when perfectly dry paint was peeling off in chunks when we'd open a closed door. At my request, our contractor used Impervo on the built-ins downstairs and the doors don't stick a bit. Granted, it's the driest, least musty basement I've ever been in, but if it doesn't stick down there, then it shouldn't stick up here.

When I was looking for a can of Impervo on the shelves, I spotted several gallons of "Advance" paint, which is also a waterborne alkyd like Impervo:

So I asked the guys at the counter which I should use for my doors: Impervo or Advance. The three guys hanging around the counter looked at me, looked at my belly and recommended Advance. Apparently it's lower VOC than the Impervo. One old timer waiting for his paint did tell me that he's 78, has been exposed to everything under the sun and is still working every day. However, we both agreed that he's never grown a baby before so it's probably best if I go for the Advance. I also gave him a "pssshhh 78 is young, my friend." If he wants to see old and still kicking, I'd introduce him to my firecracker of a grandmother. If I didn't think she'd bite him.

After a seven month hiatus from painting, I nearly bounded up the stairs to start in on my project. I was super impressed with the coverage and sheen of the paint on the nursery doors, so I kept going...on over to the shelves that were yellowed from years of no attention...and then I moved on to the trim. Clearly this perfect white trim paint makes me very happy.
F @ 28w
(that's a back support, not skin)
Side note: what possessed me to buy overalls so large in high school that they'd still fit during the third trimester of a pregnancy? How did I not realize that baggy is not flattering? I should have listened to my mom.

S was working on another little project in the nursery while I painted and at one point turned to me and pointed out that I was making a total mess of the back wall of the bookshelves with my little foam roller, despite having cut-in with my 2" angle brush first.
I was all "oh don't worry, I've got big plans," which S knows is code for "don't question me now, buddy." And then when S wasn't looking I snuck down to my car, pulled out the quart of Old Navy I'd hidden in the backseat and transformed the shelves from Feeney teal to baby bee navy blue. We love it.
Now I'm actually looking forward to finishing the door project we started last spring, however, even with the low VOC content of the Advance, and even though we have a ton of windows upstairs, we may take the doors off and bring them outside to paint just for a bit more ventilation. If it ever stops raining, of course. I just wish we'd discovered Advance or Impervo before I spent days putting an ill-performing first coat on both sides of 11 doors....

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  1. I'm impressed you still have the overalls. I may, or may not, have owned a pair myself. I'll keep you guessing. :P

    LOVE the navy!!

  2. i love that color! it looks awesome! and i totally had oversized overalls in high school, too. weren't they adorable with a tank and birkenstocks? what was i thinking????


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