Shelf v. Art?

Our new bathroom is just a few brushstrokes of touch-up paint away from its official completion. I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. Love it. Yesterday S and I tackled one of the final finishing touches when we installed Ikea's Savern glass wall shelf above the toilet:
We hoped to install at least one side of the shelf brackets into a stud, but to do so and keep the entire thing centered over the toilet would have meant that the two wall brackets would only be seven inches apart. The whole thing is nearly 20 inches wide, so at seven inches it just looked weird. After a little debate we came to the conclusion that we weren't actually going to put anything on glass shelves that would likely pull the shelf from the wall, so we used a few trusty anchors and called it a day.
We used a level, a quilting square, a wide, plastic quilting ruler, crossed fingers and some really creative math to get the four wall anchors lined up perfectly with each other and centered over the toilet; I was pretty relieved when the actual brackets lined up perfectly with the wall anchors.
We don't actually have anything on the shelves yet, but with such a small space it seemed more logical to have an extra spot to put a toothbrush holder or for our guests to put their makeup bags than to hang a piece of art. What do you prefer, the shelf route or the art-above-the-toilet route?

Just a tiny bit more work 'til this bathroom is ready for my mom's extended visit when the baby arrives!

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  1. Love it! Totally depends on the bathroom on the shelf v art debate. I have nothing in my hall bath upstairs but we have a cabinet in there and 2 linen closets in the hall, so nothing is really needed. Downstairs we have a hotel style towel bar with towels stacked on top. Total necessity. We still have a tiny art piece below though, just for color.


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