Baby Bee's Big Wedding Throw-Back Mobile

A year ago this would be called being obsessive, but now I think it's called nesting and get your video cameras ready 'cause I think I'm about to turn into a bird. Not only am I eating like a bird; sorry no Saturday Suppers, I've made dinner twice in the past six weeks and once it came from an Indian spice packet and the second was this pizza. For every pound I gain, S loses one. He eats amazing food while traveling though, so I have little sympathy.

But this post isn't about my total lack of appetite, nor is it about the mad vacuuming or floor washing that took place this weekend. And it's not about the complete purging of everything that holds anything going on around here - those baskets in our living room coffee table? Now empty but for three: two filled with Everyday Food cookbooks and one with S's stuff that I didn't dare throw away. Don't worry, I'll get up the nerve to start throwing his hoarded stock piles of junk and papers away too ;)

No, it's about the awesome progress we've made in the nursery! We're still several projects short of a grand reveal, but we have a bunch of stuff to share and several tutorials I've put together showing how you can replicate some of the dozens of sewing projects I've tackled over the past few months.

But today I present our baby bee's mobile above its cradle:
It's a throw-back to our wedding, where my obsession with paper lanterns all began:
photo by Geneve Hoffman
If baby bee is a girl, we'll swap out the navy ribbons with leftover pink ribbons, which, if you've bought anything from our etsy shop, you'll recognize from our packaging. I think we'll be reusing pink and blue ribbons for the next 50 years.

The lanterns are hung by seven hooks, evenly placed in two rows on the ceiling - you know we were up on ladders with the square rulers and tape measures making sure those things were precise within an eighth of an inch!
We centered and spaced the hooks based on the dimensions of a standard crib since baby bee won't be in its cradle for more than the first eight to ten months. And because we have plaster ceilings, we made sure to prevent the ceiling from crumbling when we screwed in the hooks by sticking a small piece of masking tape over our mark and pre-drilling before screwing in each of the hooks. It's the same trick we use for hanging pictures and works like a charm.
After each of the hooks was up, we tore off the masking tape around the hook so the white hooks would blend in better with the bluish, grayish, whitish ceiling.
After the hooks were up, after expressing doubt for my vision, S disappeared to let his pregnant wife step up and down the three-step step stool a gazillion times, cutting and tying dozens and dozens of pieces of fishing line through, between over, under and around the twenty-some-odd paper lanterns.
Every step up that ladder made me even more grateful for the hard work S, his dad, and a couple of his friends put in when hanging the 400+ lanterns for our wedding. But every time I look into the nursery I'm so glad I put in as much effort as I did; I absolutely love our paper lantern mobile - especially hanging next to our Ikea Knappa pendant that we hardwired last spring! And I'm happy to say that S apologized for ever doubting me.
Now we just need a dimmer switch for the Knappa pendant for those late night feedings and changings.

Paper lanterns are all over pinterest in nurseries and weddings everywhere; what's your favorite style of baby mobile?

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  1. Anonymous10/18/2011

    Very unique but awesome! I've never seen them clustered like that and see why there was some skepticism at first, but it looks very fun and perfect for a kid's room.


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