A Creative Baby Bee Shower

I had the most wonderful baby shower last weekend while I was in Maine. A couple of girl friends and my mom got together and organized a brunch with delicious food, a fun activity and a few hours with good friends of mine and of my mom's.

The caterer from our wedding, Chefa's, made the amazing food. We had lobster quiche, crabsters, which are her signature lobster & Maine crab cakes, fresh fruit with vanilla creme, a fall salad with pure maple syrup for dressing (delicious!), creme brulee french toast, sticky buns and mulled cider. I happily ate leftovers all week.
The dahlias were all from my mom's garden. She cut them a few nights before the shower and despite the 80 degree temps on Saturday, rescued them from the first hard frost a few days earlier.
After eating our delicious meal and going back for seconds, we dove into the afternoon's activity: decorating wood clothes pins. My girlfriends wanted to surprise me with something different from anything we've done before and since S and I are using cloth diapers and because I'm totally obsessed with our new clothes line, adding bling to clothes pins made perfect sense.

We used papers, ribbons and sequins to create a whole collection of pimped-out clothes pins. 
Some of my favorites have little sayings on them like, "baby's laundry is on the line, so much to do so little time." We have no idea what we're getting ourselves into with this whole offspring project!
For a guestbook the girls has everyone sign a canvas apron - for holding my clothes pins while I'm hanging baby bee's laundry on the line!
I was showered with some really nice gifts, including this beautiful quilt made by one of my mom's friends:
We have the same sewing machine and her handiwork is inspiring me to get even more creative with my baby bee sewing projects!
And a whole bunch of my friends' favorite childhood bedtime stories:
We had a few tiny guests, including four-month old Charlotte and three days old Marco:
Marco is his momma's third baby, we gave her a good excuse to escape her house for an hour.

It was such a fun afternoon and like everything fun, went by far too quickly. We all agreed that everyone needs several baby showers just to seize the opportunity to eat good food and hang out with good friends. And of course to give the momma-to-bee the chance to show off her ever-expanding bump!
F @ 31w
This shower is going to be hard to beat; the food, the clothes pins, it was all just perfect. What kind of fun activities have you done at baby showers? Decorating onesies? Something else totally creative?

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  1. you are So cute! and i love that quilt- how fun and special.


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