I Came Home to This. I'm Awestruck.

When S and I are involved with a big project together, my reaction to the finished results is more "wow, I can't believe we did all that to accomplish this" as I pat myself and S on the back and we drop on the couch from exhaustion. But when I came home last week to find this:
My first reaction was "holy cow, I'm so freaking impressed, how on earth did you do THAT!?!"

See, the old opening to our attic was small, like this:
with our Ikea hack hall light centered above the stairs, and everything looked just like that, S's hairy legs and all, when I left for a few days.

The joists in the attic run from the front to the back of the house - from S's left to right in that photo above. So he temporarily supported the whole ceiling from the hallway below with a few 4x4 posts, cut out a few joists, cut the ceiling without totally destroying the plaster that needed to remain, installed that huge set of stairs, built-up the joists upstairs so that the plywood floor we'll add doesn't compress our insulation and rewired the hall light to a new location. All in just a few nights working after working a 12 hour day at his real job. And he's a pilot, not a contractor. S flies planes, and breaks them! He doesn't fix things or build things for a living. He just has really good googling and youtube watching and instruction reading and logical figure-it-out skills. I'm in complete awe.

Look at these things, it's a storage-seeker's dream come true! Plus the stairs have some kind of hydraulic assist so they require barely any effort to pull down or put back up.
We need to bring the plywood up there now and figure out where best to lay it down - over doorways and wall divides will be the most secure so we're transferring the weight of our stored goods down to the foundation and the steel beam running through our basement. Thanks, high school physics. We also need to install the hall light in its new location. S didn't dare to put it somewhere without consulting me first, but I think we've figured out the perfect spot where it will be even more useful than it was before. And of course we need to caulk and paint. Pregnant wife up on the ladder with a paint brush again? Ugh.

What's your most awe inspiring project to date?

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  1. This is so cool. I have a weird thing with attics. I think they remind of good old movies..like National Lampoons Christmas vacation. Unfortunately I don't have one. Looks like the ladder situation has come a long ways!

  2. Anonymous10/18/2011

    I'm jealous of your ladder...but demand pics from up top! Perhaps send the camera with the non-pregnant householder :)

  3. We need one of these for our attic!


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