Splat Mat

Technically we're not going to need tonight's project for a while, but if the past year is any indication, we're going to blink and baby bee will be sitting in a highchair throwing food on the floor and flipping bowls of spaghetti on its head. So in the interest of preparing to have little free time on "the other side," I made a highchair splat mat tonight.

It's a super easy, super fast project that's been sitting on our to-do list since July. Slacker.

To make your own you'll need a yard of oil cloth fabric (I chose a heavier weight oil cloth instead of a thin laminated cotton) and five or six yards of extra wide rick-rack, depending on the width of your oil cloth.

With the front of your oil cloth facing you and starting an inch from one corner, carefully sew down the center of the rick-rack very close to the edge of the oil cloth. When you reach a corner pinch the rick-rack together to form a point, sew down, turn and continue sewing along the next edge.

To end, cut the rick-rack leaving and inch long tail, overlap the tail on top of the rick-rack where you started, making sure to match up peaks and valleys and stitch in place.

That's it, easy peasy. Bring on the adventurous eating, baby bee!

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