Super Quick Change of Season

The other day when I was cleaning out every single closet, basket and drawer in the house I decided to put away the pink decorations that I was obsessed with last spring and pulled out a few of our fall decorations like the wicker pumpkins I bought last year.

When I took our two pink Ikat pillow covers off of our living room pillows, I didn't have any covers to put back on. I think the covers I used last year are now down in the den, where I happen to be spending all my free time lately. So last night I pulled out some leftover fabric from our living and dining room curtains, opened up the easy fold over pillow cover tutorial I posted earlier this year, and sewed a couple of pillow covers all in less time than it took to watch one 30 minute show on HGTV.
The switch to gray from pink feels much more cool-weather appropriate and frankly, I'm ready for some cool weather. Bring on the snow like the first year we lived in the beehive!
Bringing back the seasonally cool grays and whites throughout our house also gives us a neutral palate so our decor isn't competing with some of those wild pops of color showing up from our registry at diapers.com, making introducing this new little person and all it's accoutrements a little less overwhelming ;)

The pocket-style pillow cover is definitely my favorite to make; no zippers, super easy, what's not to love? Try it out and post a link to your creation in the comments!

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