38 weeks today

I'm 38 weeks today. That leaves two weeks left. Maybe four. Maybe none. Who knows. I did get to see baby bee this morning at an unexpected sonogram and it still looked as creepy as ever on the dark screen, but pretty darn amazing nonetheless. I resisted finding out its gender once again. It was super tough this time though; I had to bite my tongue the entire time.

It's ready to go and we're kind of ready. The freezer is chock-full, but there are still a dozen to-do's left on our list, and the Christmas tree is up, but undecorated, so maybe baby will give us a few more days. As for me, I'm feeling good, but just kind of big:

F @ 38w

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  1. You look great!
    I was as big as a house at 38wks!

  2. Pregnancy looks great on you!!! Here's to a quick labor and healthy mom and baby!

  3. You look fabulous, my friend! :-D

  4. your looking great, congratulations...


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