Baby Bee's Gallery Wall

Baby bee's gallery wall is finished, blue photo mats and all. S nearly killed me when I pulled out the quilting square, level, tape measure and calculator and proclaimed that all the frames had to be hung "just right." It only took a near break-down on frame number two for S to realize just how seriously I was taking "just right." Trust me, I know the baby doesn't care what its nursery looks like, but have you ever spent hours in a single room staring at the same wall? I had mono in high school, the frames in the gallery wall in my parents' living room get knocked off level whenever the washing machine spins upstairs. It. Drives. Me. Insane. Just right it is then!
We framed a few of our favorite cards and stuck some placeholders in a few of the frames. At the top we have Maine, of course, and a momma (or poppa) and baby elephant.
Below Maine is a birthday card with an elephant on it that my parents sent me this year. We have the first card from baby bee to S, thanking him for working on so many projects over the past several months to get the house ready for its arrival:
And a sweet little card from a friend that has a very special note inside congratulating us:
We also have several placeholder Feeneys:
One Feeney will stay because we're pretty sure Feeney and baby are going to be best friends; the other two will be for baby's birth announcement and for our hospital bracelets. The large frame in the center has a piece of elephant fabric in it right now as a placeholder for baby bee's name art that we'll order from Made By Girl as soon as we actually know baby's name.

We'll probably have to move a few frames when baby gets bigger and we bring in a crib, but for now, this is will be baby's view of the gallery wall:

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  1. Anonymous11/15/2011

    Love the little Maine with the heart. Too cute!

  2. I love your gallery wall! It is so beautiful and modern looking. And those lanterns are pretty awesome too.


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