Little Red Chest No More

I'm working on a little project for our new tiny guest room, which when coupled with our new bathroom is our "guest suite." The guest suite just happens to be where my mom will be spending a good chunk of time this winter, so we're trying to make it as welcoming as possible. Besides having a really comfortable bed, we imagine she'll probably need somewhere to put her clothes. So I relocated all my yarn from the red chest that we used to use as a TV stand in our old den.
But the red just wasn't doing it for us anymore. It was all chipped and peeled on the top and just felt sticky, like it never cured properly even though it was primed and painted five years ago. One thing I didn't know at the time is that red needs a gazillion coats of paint or else it's just pink. A gazillion coats of paint and dresser drawers just don't mix. I'm sure it doesn't help that I probably tried to save a few dollars when I bought the paint and went for a cheapo brand either. When will I stop learning that lesson?

So I took the dresser outside and sanded the living bejesus out of it with our little Ryobi power sander. After two days of sanding and ten charges of batteries most of the red was gone. Given how un-well the red paint "stuck" last time I decided to prime with a coat of oil primer this time around. And then because I'm absolutely in love with Benjamin Moore's Advance paint, I decided to paint the entire chest with some of the white paint leftover from the nursery shelves (inside the shed because our neighbors are having their chimney re-pointed, which means it's like the city of Pompeii outside).
I bought replacement knobs for the chest years ago when I first painted it red, but they were oil rubbed and just kind of dirty so I never used them. Now I want to try cleaning the oil off, but of course the box of knobs was relocated during our basement renovation and we can't find them anywhere. We'll give it a few more days, but I have a feeling we're going to be putting the original brass pulls back on just so we can cross "finish guest suite" off the to-do list.

Have you ever had luck painting furniture red? I bet if I'd used a higher quality paint to begin with I wouldn't have had a problem. Lesson learned for the upteenth time.

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  1. Anonymous12/28/2011

    try rustoleum safety red spray paint over oil based primer. took two coats and it's still going strong a year later with no chips.


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