Lookie look at what I got in my inbox today!

Apparently West Elm is having a 20% off all lighting sale:
Which is the sale they were running when I snatched up our much-loved dining room chandelier last year! Quick, quick, go get one for your dining room too!
Of course now that we've finished lighting our entire beehive they're also selling a smaller, round capiz pendant that I would love for the nursery. Darnit. Maybe I need that in my office. Wait, I'd better not say that, S might tear up the to-do list if I add one more thing to it!

I'm also coveting these end tables that nestle right up next to and under a sofa for our den:
We don't have actual end tables next to the sofa, so I think one of these tucked in the center would be the perfect spot for a laptop and mug of cocoa. It's too bad diapers.com won't let me add these to our baby registry, I have a feeling they'd come in super handy very soon!

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