Making the Gallery Wall POP!

I'm still waiting for the cushions and the suspense is killing me. Note to sellers, please don't use parcel post when sending goods to pregnant women, they just can't deal with the lack of tracking numbers and accurate estimated delivery dates! I may or may not have called the post office twice to see if they had an update...and our mail was just delivered, another day with no package. I'm dying.

So while I wait for the crowing touch on our nursery, I've found another project. We're creating a little gallery wall of a few photos, some cute cards, name artwork from Made by Girl that we'll order after the baby arrives, and hopefully our hospital bracelets. When I put everything in their white frames I realized the mats were all a different shade of off-white. So I'm painting all the mats navy blue, using the paint from the nursery shelves:
Two coats seems to be perfect and the first test mat I did made the card in the frame "pop". So now I just need to wait for these guys to dry and then we'll pull out our tape measure, level and calculator to create our perfectly spaced, perfectly popping gallery wall.

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