We're so Very Thankful for Everything Bee

We're thankful for so many things this year. We're especially thankful that in 2011 I've been so very lucky to have a healthy pregnancy and that we'll be bringing home our baby soon. It's kind of a miracle; we're super lucky.

I'm super thankful to have the best mom ever, who will be coming to stay with us after baby bee arrives for an indefinite amount of time. Could be two weeks, could be two years. I joke. Kind of. I'm so excited to have her; I may not ever let her leave. It's going to be like nursery school all over again when she does leave - a nightmare scene every single day where I cried forever and checked the door dozens of times a day. Am I still four?

This whole baby thing hasn't just been fun for us, but it's been fun for our parents too, which is really cool. There's nothing cooler than my dad telling me how excited he is about baby bee. They're as excited as we are; it's the best. Right now my mom and I are working on a baby blanket together. Well, mostly she's been working on doing the bulk of the work on the baby blanket and now the pressure is ON for me to finish it in time to bring to the hospital. It's this cool knit blanket called wild stripes from Knitty that I knit a few years ago when my bestest childhood friend had her first baby. Except instead of knitting wild colored stripes, we chose to knit it in navy blue and white to match our nursery.

I only decided about five weeks ago that I wanted my mom to knit baby bee a special blanket, so she's been knitting like mad every single day since then so she could finish knitting with plenty of time to spare for me to back and quilt it. She may have a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome from the effort. Baby appreciates it.

The knit blanket arrived in the mail from my mom on Monday and when I opened the box I was in total awe. I'm a good knitter, but my mom is awesome. Every single stitch is perfect. I immediately got to work cutting several yards of polka dot, two inch bias strip to make piping. I used this tutorial to create continuous binding. Very cool tutorial. Very cool piping.
I'm using leftover elephant fabric from the nursery changing pad cover, sheets and bumbo cover for the backing. See how well all the navys match?
I machine stitched the piping to the elephant backing and now I need to hand sew the knit blanket to the backing. After that I'll quilt the blanket with the same blue and white yarn from the front with a whole series of running stitches. The pattern calls for a bunch of little french knots too, but we're holding off on those 'til we know whether baby bee is a boy or a girl. If a girl, then the knots will be hot pink, if a boy, then navy blue. I have a feeling my mom will be doing the french knots.

Finishing the blanket is kind of a tall order and it may take a Jersey Shore marathon to complete, but I'm determined to finish before baby arrives. There will be no turkey at our house today, just sewing.

So our year obviously revolves around one huge bucket of grateful. What are you most thankful for this year?

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  1. Sniff. Tears in my eyes.

  2. Wow, that blanket is going to be awesome! Your mom is a really good knitter...


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