Custom Christmas Stockings made from Recycled Sails!

Last night I realized that Feeney has no stocking to stuff with all the stocking stuffers I bought him. The baby, who isn't even here yet, has its own hand knit stocking! Not to be one to fall victim to the nagging of people who could just never get that for some of us, pets are our babies (seriously, have you seen me with my dogs?) I decided that the Feens NEEDS a stocking. Then, this morning in a moment of pure genius I came up with the idea to make him a custom stocking from recycled sails.
I even traced the pads of his big paws and then made a template way bigger, just to make sure Feeney knows the stocking with the...wait, I'll keep the stuffers a surprise...is for him. You never know, by Christmas we had better have a baby and S just might be delirious enough from no sleep that without that big paw print he'd think the stocking smelling of mystery meat is for him.

I've made a few custom stockings available in our etsy shop. The listing includes customization with a paw print like Feeney's, a single letter or single-digit number of your choice in blue or black. However, the catch is that you must order by this Wednesday, December 14 at 5pm eastern for delivery by Christmas. Quick, quick, the sooner the better 'cause this baby is trying to kick its way out! (Deadline does not apply to custom bags, please see the shop announcement if you would like a custom sail bag.)

In full disclosure the hand knit stocking is one that I made for S last year that he "gave" to the baby in favor of keeping his tiny-in-comparison childhood stocking. So Feeney really is the only one who got his own custom stocking. And to that Feeney says, "take that, baby!"

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