Well, Here We Are

One week ago today I was technically into day two of labor and thinking we'd be meeting a December 13th baby shortly. Little did we know how long of a day we had ahead of us . . . but Maddox is our lucky baby and a lucky baby just can't arrive on an unlucky day.

Our baby is six days old today and is already a total heartthrob. Maddox came home to our little beehive on Friday, wearing his personalized baby hat, the blue one, and wrapped in his special blanket.
Feeney and Maddox had their incredibly uneventful introductions, which included one lick and one "shake" as Feens put his paw on the car seat.
The only change Feeney cares about is that my mom is here and there's one more person to love on him. He's totally loving this new baby thing.
As you can see we're using the blankets I made, especially the hand-cut chenille blanket, which is super warm. It turns out I didn't go overboard on the blanket making; we're using them all a lot! S, our swaddling master is also loving A+A swaddling blankets since baby bee finds it slightly more difficult to punch his way out of a tight swaddle with them.
Maddox is still pretty snoozy, so he spends a lot of his time asleep in the bassinet that came with our Bumbleride Flite stroller. It's his bed for now and fits perfectly on the coffee table we had in our old den tucked into a corner in our tiny bedroom.

Things around the house are slowing getting back to normal. On day one it was hard to find the baby among the clutter on the dining room table, but now we just have one baby nestled among the holiday trees.
And on day two at home life got back to normal in the project department, albeit a bit slower than normal. S managed to winterize our mower, weed whacker and to drain the garden hoses, all while throwing the ball for Feeney.
And while I'm not doing any cooking right now, we're eating like royalty with my mom preparing hot meals like nobody's business. Let me tell you, it's heavenly to finally eat something other than a bowl of cereal and I think S may be able to put back on a few of those 10 pounds he lost during my pregnancy. You know it's bad when while wearing a shapeless flight suit your Skipper, another dude, remarks that you look like you've lost weight. Trust me, you're not the only ones missing Tuesday Treats and Saturday Suppers. 

We're also devouring treats dropped off by our neighbors; six-year-old Annabelle made these cookies herself so she could drop them off and meet the baby. She says she can't wait to be 12 so she can babysit Maddox. Neither can we.

that's a red heart with "new baby" in yellow writing
Overall, we're doing really well and are eating up every second with this little dreamboat!
We're off to sew a few last minute custom etsy shop Christmas orders . . . baby in ergo and momma at sewing machine.


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  1. I have been waiting and waiting to see pictures of Maddox and well you did not disappoint... Love the pictures, he is beautiful and I love the one of Feeny looking at him in the carseat.. SO SWEET! Prayers and Love from Dothan, AL!

  2. I have been reading this blog through google reader for over a year, and I just had to pop over to your regular page to say congratulations! I have an 11 week old baby boy, and just looking at your pics make me long for the early days when he was a bit smaller. Maddox is precious, and all the preparations you made are adorable. I love the navy and blue theme!

  3. oh he is just beautiful!!!!! this will certainly be a special christmas for you followed by many more that just grow more special every year as kids fill you with the magic of the season.

  4. Anonymous12/20/2011

    Thanks for sharing the new pictures, Maddox is beautiful, as is the glowing grandma!

    Enjoy this special time.

    Karen - Wisconsin

  5. Total cutie-pie and I love the one of Feeney giving Maddox a stare down.


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