One Month Down

Baby M is already one month old this weekend and he's kind of perfect; I love one month! We'd like to freeze time now, please.

I can't say that it feels like he's always been a part of the hive, especially since I have a closet chock full of size 2 clothes and absolutely nothing to wear. But thankfully he fits into our lives far better than I fit into any of those designer jeans mocking me each morning.

It's been quite the month for all of us. We started it out with 34 hours of labor. And believe me, that was rough on all of us: me, S, our doula Juli and the hot water heater here and at the hospital. Baby M seemed to be the only one who didn't much care, he was snuggled in and perfectly content the whole time, if those monitors they stuck on me every few hours were any indication. Life has pretty much been the same ever since for baby M; snug and happy 95% of the time.

At one month baby M has pretty much mastered head control, rolled from his stomach to his back several times as he demonstrated just how much he hated tummy time, gone out to dinner once, brunch twice, been to the pediatrician three times, lost weight and then gained almost two pounds, went to the grocery store several times, shopped with mom, slept in his ergo, slept in his Bob, slept in his bumbleride, nursed at Starbucks, celebrated Christmas, watched the ball drop on tv with dad, bonded with Mamie, slept at Nola's house, spent a night without mom, taken a bottle from dad nightly, moved to his nursery, slept a nine hour stretch (twice thrice!), played on his activity mat, taken several baths in his blue bucket tub, switched to cloth diapers, gone through 50 cloth wipes every three days, sat in his bumbo, sat on his dog, flown around the room with dad, screamed in his bouncer, snoozed in his bouncer, screamed in his swing, fallen in love with his swing, filled numerous diapers, screamed through countless diaper changes, smiled through a handful of diaper changes, had a three hour long photo shoot, starred in four videos, skyped, made friends with a few of S's friends, survived one full day alone with mom, survived one night without dad and smiled once.

It's been a great month.

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  1. He looks adorable in the pic! I've watched my IRL mommy friends' updates and time just seems to pass so quickly!

  2. That's a pretty full month! Happy One Month! P.S. He is a beautiful baby!!

  3. Sounds like a great month. Happy one month birthday Baby M.

  4. Anonymous1/18/2012

    Hate to break it to you, but those jeans will probably never go over your ass again! :) As one mom mourning the loss of her designer size 2 jeans to another. I am a year out... the baby is worth it though.

  5. Sorry I am so late reading this!! What a cutie pie he is!!! Sounds like a great month...you guys sound like naturals :)


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