Zero Dollar Guest Room

In November we put some finishing touches on our new basement guest suite using stuff we had around the house to cozy-up the space in anticipation of my mom's extended visit. Of course then her visit started before I had the chance to share. The good news is that she loves the guest suite and the even better news is that the insulation we put in the ceiling of the bedroom blocks out the sound of crying baby at 3am. Whew, she may have left already if that detail was overlooked.

First, I relocated all my yarn from the little red cedar chest and gave it a facelift. We had hoped to locate the replacement pulls I'd bought years ago, but we searched high and low and could not find them. Because the chest was my grandpa's I decided not to spray the original pulls and just put them back on in their original brass state.
We decided when we first created the room that it would be our airplane room, a place to display all of S's flying paraphernalia. So we started by hanging his diploma and photos and lithographs of the planes he's flown in the corner with the chest.
Then, for my favorite addition, we hung a vintage airplane mobile above the bed. You can't tell me it wouldn't be fun to stay in a guest room with a mobile above the bed!
Finally we put down one of S's carpets to cozy things up, which required moving the dozen or so boxes of extra flooring (a project for another day) stored under the bed first.
Mmmm, so cozy says Feeney.

At 9 mos pregnant I nixed the idea to paint a compass or chart on the wall or ceiling. And as new parents we've pretty much accepted that will never happen. I would still like to create a headboard area slash huge fabric panel curtain thing to cover the electric service box, but the details of that project are up for debate.
And by debate, I mean Maddox and I are discussing whether I should spend one of his nap times sewing, or tidying the house, doing laundry, eating breakfast, napping, showering or doing any of those other things that used to take mere minutes to do just four weeks ago!

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  1. i love the airplane art gallery! a pallet headboard would look cool in there and be inexpensive and easy! and you could make it so that it comes off the wall easily in case you need to access the box. why don't electricians ever think about these things... i don't like all of our ventwork but i am stuck with it.... electricians/hvac guys.... they all need to work with designers a little more!

  2. Anonymous1/11/2012

    Grandma liked the room. Anything else can wait. I vote that you take a nap.

    Another grandma who thinks the room is great the way it is.

  3. Wow, that is a lovely guest room!

  4. I love the airplane mobile, I want one above my bed. Guest room looks good.


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