The Last Big Project

...for now, that is.

As you all know, S is a pilot for the Navy. When we moved to Our Little Beehive two years ago, we thought we'd be staying for at least ten years. It seemed like things would just work out that S would be able to fly different planes during that time and we wouldn't need to move. Well the best laid plans often go awry, and not too long ago we learned that we may have to relocate in the fall. As you can imagine this resulted in a hard-stop on projects at our hive.

We'll know within the next couple months what the future will bring and at that time we'll either launch full-gear into get-ready-for-renters projects or we'll continue on with our own project wish list. Or maybe we'll buy a small summer house in Maine (baby M and I are working on convincing S of this one!) We're pretty sure we're staying put, but we're not counting our chickens yet.

It just so happens that our disappointing/exciting/unplanned news came just as we finished up a long-standing to-do from our list. We finished installing a fan in our upstairs bathroom. It was a project that we started right around Christmas when baby M was tiny (according to the photos in the post linked above) and finished up on New Year's Day. It's a project that had been on the list for two years, since we moved in two Christmases ago!

The fan ended up being a group project - S and my dad did the drilling and installation of the fan itself from the attic, down. S drilled for the electrical and then my dad did the actual electrical work while S was at work. S drilled through the brick of our house creating an opening to fit the fan's exhaust pipe by tracing a circle on the brick then drilling dozens of holes through the entire thickness of the brick all the way around the circle. He centered the opening under one full length of brick so that there wouldn't be a weak spot above the vent opening.
When he was done he was able to knock away the brick in the center, fit the exhaust pipe into the opening and then screw a exhaust fan cover in place.
We chose a white plastic cover that matches the exterior vent covers for our laundry and new bathroom downstairs. We thought it might be an eyesore, but it's not noticeable at all. It's not often we stand in the back yard looking up toward the roof....

S patched the ceiling in the bathroom around the new fan housing and around the new electrical box. I sanded where he patched and my mom touched up all the paint. We all enjoy being able to take a shower with the door shut and I am particularly fond of the windows that don't fog, condense and subsequently create little areas of icky moldy stuff to clean from the grills. 'Cause cleaning window grills is no longer high on the priority list when merely showering is my new daily challenge.

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  1. oh wow- just think a clean slate to work on if you do get to move! do you know where you would go?


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