Seven Weeks of Wisdom: A Few of Our Favorite Things

I'm humming the favorite things song in my head right now - raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things.... Before baby M arrived I scoured the interwebs for advice and lists of newborn essentials. I didn't want a nursery full of totally useless stuff, especially when space is at a premium. So with the sage wisdom gained in seven whole weeks, I give you our favorite newborn stuff, in no particular order. No wait, I lie. This is definitely the favorite:
A white noise machine. We have a sleep sheep strapped to M's carseat for on-the-go, and we also have a regular, not marketed for babies, white noise machine that I bought years ago when I worked in an office that was right outside the kitchen, neither of which had doors. I'd heard waaaay too many personal conversations not made for my ears and needed to drown out the noise. It's been in storage for years. Now it's under Maddox's cradle. And it's our magic machine. M was in our room for about two and a half weeks and even though emotionally I wasn't ready to move my baby to his own room, we sucked it up, moved him, turned the white noise machine on and like a light switch we all started sleeping a couple more hours between feedings. Which brings me to the next favorite thing, the my Brest Friend nursing pillow.
I have this and the boppy and while I like them both, each in different instances, I prefer the mbf when I'm in a chair where I can't prop the boppy on the arm of the chair. Speaking of chairs, I love our hand-me-down glider with its new cushions from CJ's Cozy Cushions. Next up, Aden + Anais swaddle blankets.
S can do a mean swaddle with one of these blankets. We get baby M nice and tight then stick him in a fleece swaddler and he's cozy for the night in our chilly house. The 6 S's worked in our house: 5 from the book, and one S to carry them out. Speaking of down for the night, baby M sleeps in a bassinet, inside his cradle, inside his nursery. We use the bassinet that came with his Bumbleride Flite umbrella stroller.
I'm convinced this is the greatest umbrella stroller on earth and really the only one you'll need, if you're not a runner (we have a Bob for running). It weighs 11 pounds and folds up like a tiny little umbrella stroller, but it fits an infant car seat like a giant travel system. Travel systems take up a ton of trunk space and trust me, even with a big SUV you're going to wish your stroller folded up small. Or your big dog the size of a small pony will. I love me my Bumbleride Flite. And Feeney appreciates its space saving aspect. Totally not sexy and not something I love doing, but something I'm so grateful I bought before baby M arrived instead of waiting 'til I go back to work is my pump. Get one, get a hands free bra. If you're struck with mastitis twice you'll be happy you have it, 'cause when you're sick is not the time to go shop for one. Or when your baby is still hungry after hours and hours of cluster feeding starting at a few days old you'll be glad you have a couple extra ounces to give him (ahem, for someone else to give him while you go to bed) from the once daily pump you did after his morning feeding. And with feeding comes...we're hooked on bumGenius 4.0 diapers.
I'm also using FuzziBunz, but S prefers the Velcro on our BG, and since he changes all of baby M's diapers when he's home, BG it is. We also love our Bum Genius sprayer that we blogged about this fall. Exclusively breast fed babies' poos don't need to be sprayed before washing, but we do anyway to cut down on staining and to enable us to go longer between washings. I'm loving our clothes line too; the sun does wonders to get out all sorts of stains! On the subject of diaper changes, we love peepee teepees.
I bought them as a gag gift for S's stocking (with airplanes, of course) and they've turned out to be a changing table staple - they work as advertised perfectly. Our cloth wipes would work too (another love) but they seems to get kicked off much too easily. For play time I love our swing/bouncer combo and our activity mat. The seat on the swing is a removable bouncer and the swing itself has a nice LOUD white noise machine built into it. Give this boy rainfalls or babbling brooks with birds in the background over kiddie music any day! Plus it plugs in, so we can make it through dinner without batteries running out.
I made a slipcover to match Feeney's bed and our living room curtains for baby M's swing
Our Skip Hop Treetop Friends play mat is a huge hit with baby M. His favorite toys are the owl and the bird the the beads in its belly. We can get a good 20 minute play session out of him on this mat in the morning before the big yawns come out and we sneak off to his nursery for story time.
For bath time baby M's top pick is his bath bucket, the washPOD. We started using it as soon as his belly button fell off and from the first dip that boy could go from wailing and screaming to all coos and oohs in two seconds flat. It's magic. He kicks his legs around like he's still in the womb.
It's the cutest thing and definitely M's top pick of all the stuff on our list, well besides his pair of food sources, of course. And in a few years that thing will make the perfect car washing bucket. Are we missing out on any of the greatest baby things ever invented? Please, do tell what the babies in your life love!

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  1. Love the baby bucket!

  2. Thank you for mentioning your Bumbleride Flite on your blog!

    We are so glad to hear it is working well for you and your family!


    Bumbleride Community Manager


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