Traveling with One Momma, One Baby, One Dog and Cloth

I literally have two minutes to write a blog post right now. Baby M and I are visiting my parents for the end of my maternity leave (how on EARTH did we reach the end of my leave already?!?) and having six hands instead of two during the day is fabulous. Oddly enough the evening is just as hectic as at home since S and baby M have their special time in the evening and I'm usually off duty the second S takes off his boots and washes his hands.

Anyhoo, baby M, Feeney, my mom and I drove to Maine in one 14-hour long day. Baby M rocked. Right up until Hartford when we got stuck in traffic for maybe three minutes and that was just enough of not moving for him to melt-down and continue to melt until we reached a rest area where I quickly whipped him out of his seat and gave him the best milk dinner he's ever tasted.

 I did all sorts of planning in advance of our trip; everything from how to arrange our bags in the car, stuffing essentials into an overnight bag, making a dog-friendly hotel reservation near the half-way mark, and planning out how to diaper the boy in the days leading up to our trip. Yes, I planned how to diaper this bum.
We use cloth diapers for baby M and since we spend long stretches of time at the farm in Maine, we had to come up with a cloth plan.

I decided that since we'd be packing our car quite full with goods for one mom, one baby and one dog for a few week trip, we probably shouldn't travel with dirty diaper laundry. So the day before we left for Maine, baby M wore disposable diapers. The day before disposable day I stood in the diaper aisle completely paralyzed with the diaper options. I chose the same ones we'd been given at the hospital. Side note, poos STINK right away in disposable diapers, they do not in cloth. Eeeew

The day before we left baby M and I did our standard cloth diaper routine that we do every four days: when baby M wakes up we go downstairs, put the diapers in the washing machine, wet bag and all, set it to a quick wash and go up for M's breakfast. We always have his favorite, milk. After M eats, we go back downstairs and set the wash on a heavy duty cycle with an extra rise. Then we head up to play until M goes down for his nap. While he naps I hang the diaps out in the sun on our fabulous clothes line.
In the afternoon I stuffed all the diaps and packed them in the clean wet bag. For the rest of the day and for travel day baby M wore his disposable diapers.

When we reached Maine I stuck him in cloth, put all his clean diaps in a L.L.Bean bag next to the changing table, lined the trashcan in the nursery (my brother's old(?) bedroom) with the wet bag and went about our normal cloth routine. Easy peasy travel routine!

Baby M is totally taking over the farm - PawPaw Chris just installed a diaper sprayer in the toilet today, there's an outrageously big, bright borrowed swing in the living room and a vibrating lamb seat in the kitchen. Not to mention my brother's room is a full-on nursery like it was 35 years ago. Baby M rules the roost.

And now it's time for bath. I've waaaaaay exceeded my two minutes!

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  1. Anyone that has the patience to cloth diaper is my hero. And I love his ducky bum.

  2. Only one melt down that isn't bad for a long car ride.

  3. That swing rocks. :)


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