Tuesday Treats: Buffalo Chicken Wing Sandwiches

What? Chicken wings on a sandwich? What about the bones? I love a good chicken wing, but I can't eat them right now; they're really messy and it's hard to get wing sauce off my baby's head. That stuff stains! Plus, I kind of like to pull the skin off and just eat the chicken inside, licking my fingers at the same time to get the good sauce. It's all rather disgusting, totally unrefined and ya know, I'm really not even eating chicken wings by the time I'm done with them. Does anyone really "eat" wings? There's no meat there, it's more like sucking some sauce and chicken skin off a bone. I'm totally grossed out right now.

S and I were at a friend's house recently and everyone was eating wings while I watched on, nursing my baby and elbowing S to go grab me some celery sticks dipped in frank's red hot before they were gone, when it dawned on me, wings would be so much better if they were just meat on a bun. And so I give you shredded buffalo wing sandwiches. To be eaten off a plate, with a napkin on your lap rather than from a vat with a roll of paper towels at your side.
Shredded Buffalo Chicken Wing Sandwiches
6 large sandwiches

2 pounds boneless chicken breasts, trimmed
1 bottle of Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce (~17oz)
1/2 packet of dry ranch dressing mix
6 large sandwich rolls
blue cheese, sliced
celery sticks & blue cheese dressing on the side

1. In a crockpot combine chicken, wing sauce and ranch dressing mix. Cook on low for 6 to 7 hours until the chicken is cooked through

2. Using a fork, shred the chicken

3. Split and toast the rolls, pile with shredded chicken and top with sliced blue cheese

serve warm with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on the side. Yum!

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  1. This post is so funny to me. I have a one month old baby and have been craving wings since he was born. I blame the extra protein I need for breastfeeding.
    I too, have been having a problem trying to avoid getting hot, full of red dye win sauce all over my baby while I eat, and had decided upon the sandwich solution as well.
    I guess we nursing moms think alike! :)

  2. I want one of these RIGHT NOW.


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