Two Months Down

Baby M turned two months old on Valentine's day. We shared Valentine's cards with each other, went to the pediatrician for a check up and a lightning fast shot in each leg, had Valentine's brunch at the diner and wondered how on earth time passes so quickly.

At two months old M is generally very happy.
If he cries he's either hungry, tired or wants to move. NOW!
If it's before 6pm, cries usually end very quickly, especially when Feeney comes running to save his baby.
After 6pm and it's fuss, fuss, fuss 'til bath time and yawns soooooo big and bed.
In his second month Mamie left to go back to Maine and momma and baby M fell into a nice daily routine but for a few days when M decided not to nap. Those were the days momma really needed a nap herself. We've done laundry together, gone for walks in the Bob, in the Bumbleride, with Feeney and without. We mastered front-facing in the Moby wrap, which Maddox loves for short periods, especially when helping make cookies for momma and brownies for dad. We saw a dusting of snow, watched the superbowl, took a 5 hour nap at dad's friend's house, went to the grocery store in his seat, to the commissary in the ergo, had a meltdown at the yogurts and nursed in the car. Baby M was a sound sleeper when momma had a bad cold, smiled big when dad came home from work one day and wooed the nurses at mom's doctor's office with his big blue eyes. We bought a used swing on Craigs List so M could help do laundry downstairs and sold most of his newborn diapers to a nice lady with a baby just wee bit more wee than baby M. We packed up the newborn clothes just before M turned two months and pulled out the next size to start trying out. Uncle Nate and PawPaw both came for short visits and baby M gave PawPaw a huge smile as he took him from his car seat, although he could have just been smiling at his favorite sleep sheep. M gave his favorite boat painting behind his nursing chair dozens of huge, gummy smiles, not once stopping to smile at momma. He started to enjoy the white puppies hanging from his swing, but showed more interest in the mechanics of the swinging arm of the seat. He sat in his bouncy seat a few times and dozed to sleep as momma and dad ate dinner in front of the TV, one finger gently bouncing the seat up and down. He had dinner at Cowboy cafe and was dream baby even after a 20 minute wait for a table and over an hour wait for burgers. He visited his daycare and wooed his Ms. Rifka with his big blue eyes. He spent an entire day with daddy visiting Great-Grandpa, Ana, Nola and Grandpa. He spent an entire evening with momma alone, and even swam in his tub and had a hair-washing without dad's help. He slept through at least half of the nights,  those other half leaving his momma and dad ripping out their hair with frustration. He emerged on the other end a little bit bigger, heavier and more interactive and began sleeping through the night again, whew. A day schedule started to emerge, even though things were still unpredictable from one day to the next. We always read stories before his morning naps; M quickly falls asleep to the sound of momma's voice, One Morning in Maine, Blueberries for Sal, the Ox Cart Man, Make Way for Ducklings to name a few....

It's clear that baby M's favorite things are still bath time, eating, playing on his mat, swaddles, naps and daddy.
Oh my, baby Maddox, look how you've grown!
Left: One Month & Right: Two Months

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  1. Anonymous2/29/2012

    Precious! Love the monthly photos :)

  2. Happy two month birthday Baby Bee!!

  3. He is adorable!
    Happy 2 months!


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