Baby Bee's Birth Announcement

We finally sent out baby bee's birth announcements with photos from the photo shoot with Ali Caudill when he was 5 days old. I found a design that I liked on a site that lets you build your own card, but their template didn't let me put a photo design on the back. So I went to etsy with a sketch of what I'd like and had Pinwheel Press create the birth announcement. They're the same designers who made our business cards, I love their designs and they're one of my favorite etsy sellers.
The basket in the photo was a gift basket full of sweet treats from my office. We dumped the goodies on the kitchen counter during the photo shoot in a mad rush to find a basket to stick the baby in. Maybe we should do a now and then comparison photo of baby M in the basket; He could probably sit with his little legs scrunched up now. It's kind of crazy how little he was no too long ago. Little guy is growing like a weed!

And of course the oh-so-important back of the card featured our favorite furry guy.
Such good buddies! Or at least such a patient dog ;)

Matchy matchy to the back of this year's Christmas card (made by Nicole Page Designs).
Speaking of little buddies, it's time to go, baby M is up and ready to face the day!

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Adorable- we just celebrated a BEE-day in our household: http://vtmamateurs.com/2012/02/23/super-sweet-1st-birthday/


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