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When we first renovated our sun porch to a fully functional four-seasons room that I use as my office, S would come in and hang out with me after work. We separated the room to half office space and half sitting area. But it slowly became my room where I go for work and little else.

Lately I've been at my desk working before M wakes up in the morning and when he does get up, I've been nursing him at my desk. The arms of my office chair are the perfect height and I can continue to read while we snuggle. When he's done I often stick him next to me on his play mat for some tummy time before we go upstairs to get dressed for camp (camp sounds more fun than daycare, no?)

I keep his playmat right next to my desk on the desk side of my office, but it doesn't leave much room for Feeney, who in this arrangement was taking up half of Maddox's mat. It hardly left room enough to practice rolling.

Today S suggested we move a little furniture and open up the room a little bit. And even though I love, love, love having my own private office, I decided I could share with the perfect office mate. I could think of worse things than an office with a little playroom in the corner. So as soon as Maddox goes to bed I'll be in my office figuring out how to make this whole playroom/office thing work.

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