This Makes Having a Boy Super Cool

It's no secret that I wanted to have a baby girl. I wanted a baby first, but I wanted a baby girl so I could have what my mom and I have. I swear up until the last few days of my pregnancy I thought I was having a girl. The old wives tales told me I had a 80% chance of having a girl. When the whole debate in the delivery room went on where S couldn't really see what baby bee was and knew I'd kill him if he got it wrong and my midwife whispered, "it's a boy" and S said "it's a boy" aloud,  I knew it before anyone said anything.

I was a touch disappointed on day four-ish when we were home, I realized my baby was small and needed some newborn sized clothing (I had none) and I saw what gawd awful clothing was available for boys. I cried huge heaving sobs mourning the loss of being able to shop on the girl side of the store. I was totally hormonal. (Sorry male readers, it happens. If you haven't experienced it yet, and you're lucky enough to experience it someday, brace yourselves.) I cried again when I returned the baby girl clothes I'd bought just in case. And then I got over it.

Now I'm totally over it 'cause I just saw this:
Remote control wooden jeeps from Pottery Barn Kids. Are you kidding me? This is amazing!

Yes, I know these toys rock the party for girls too, but they're marketed to boys. I've got a boy. I love wooden toys. My boy MUST have a wooden remote control jeep.

I might just have to wait 'til he can use his hands for more than grabbing his noodle toy though. Soon, little buddy, soon.

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  1. Anonymous3/29/2012

    N totally needs one of those!

  2. I think I want one.

  3. Anonymous4/12/2012

    Lol, this post is so cute though i still dont think these toys beat the cute little girl clothes.
    (Thanks for allowing anonymous posts for lazy people like myself.)


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