The Un-Built-ins

If you remember, a little while ago it was all up in the air as to whether we were staying here in the fall or taking off for somewhere else. We just recently got word that we're staying at the beehive! It's not official-official yet, but official enough that we've started planning new projects.

Our first to-do is to get more storage in the dining room. It's our main entry point from the kitchen side door and is a total dumping area for everything we bring in the house. I clean it daily, but S flips out if I move all his shoes to secret hiding spots. At least I haven't implemented the oft threatened "if you put it where it doesn't belong, it's going to Goodwill within 24 hours." Just wait, buddy, just wait.

This is the view from our side door. Just to the right in his photos are all of S's shoes. We have a two pairs of shoes rule. Guess how many pairs of shoes baby M and I each have there? Two for me, zero for him. Guess how many S has? Guess how many he wears daily? None of them. He wears uniform boots every day, not white canvas shoes, white leather shoes, light brown driving shoes, dark brown driving shoes, six pairs of flip flops or running shoes. But I digress. We need more storage.
I love to make an entryway with a big closet and a boot box, maybe with a screen porch and a powder room and a huge master bedroom to boot. Maybe in our next house. So the next best thing to all of those things is to have a whole bunch of built-ins right along that back wall of the dining room. But we know we're not going to be here forever, well, we think we won't be here forever, so spending money on built-ins that we won't be able to take with us if we move, just didn't feel like the smart thing to do. So we started shopping for china cabinet hutches. We fell in love with this one that I pinned on Pinterest:
It's freaking huge at 59" wide by 19" deep by 89" tall. Lots. Of. Storage. But two of these were a bit out of our budget. Like way out of our budget given the wee thing sleeping upstairs that has a wee college fund that needs more than a wee bit of attention over the next 18 years.

So on a whim we put a "gig offered" on Craigslist and to our surprised got quotes from a few really talented woodworkers. We poured over their websites and read their blogs and assessed their quotes. And then we decided on one guy, who had a gorgeous table he'd made on his website, who wrote very well (I know, not really a qualification to hire a woodworker) and plays corn hole in his free time. He's making us two cabinets, painted white, just a touch smaller than the inspiration ones so that they have just a bit of room on either side of them next to the window.
They should take about three weeks to make and we hope to have progress photos along the way to share. Seems like a great way to spend a bit of our tax return, no? Maybe they'll even be delivered on tax day. I can't wait to get baby M's car seat out of my office and into a cubby!

Anyone else investing in storage with this year's tax return? Ya know, if you gave the old government a fee loan this year that is.

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  1. That is such a great idea! I would have never thought to do a gig post on Craigslist. Would you mind sharing the name of the person you hired? We just bought a house in Falls Church and I have dreams of a farmhouse table. :)

    1. How cool, we're neighbors! His name is Joe and this is his website: http://www.nwoodcustoms.com Check out the table in his gallery!


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