Whew, We Survived

Maddox and I both survived our first week back at work. Apparently he's Mr. Perfect 'cause he didn't cry at all on Wednesday or Thursday and only fussed for a few minutes today just before I picked him up because he was hungry. The little kids loved him and he was happy. I couldn't ask for more.

I only cried a little bit on Wednesday in the car after we dropped M off, but then I sat down at my computer and everything felt normal, like baby M was napping upstairs. When 10:30 rolled around each morning and I had to pump I had a few "this totally sucks" moments. Sorry if that's TMI, but there's nothing snuggly about a pump.

On Thursday I felt like super mom when I managed to get showered and dressed, put makeup on, packed baby M's bag, packed my pump and got us out the door before 8 all by myself. Of course then I got lost on the way to a conference because of road closures and didn't get there as early as I'd hoped. Whatever.

This morning we took our time getting ready. Baby M and I played on his mat, did some tummy time and snuggled before I dropped him off at daycare. When I picked him up today he smelled like the most delicious curry, I just wanted to nibble on his ears, nose and toes. Mmmmmmm yummy baby.
I think we're surviving this change just fine :o)

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  1. Oh you're back at work already! I'm so glad it went well for him and that you only cried a little. And that's totally one of the high chairs we picked out--we ended up being gifted a different one, but that one is really nice.

  2. Anonymous3/10/2012

    I'm so glad that this week went well for all of you!

  3. Found your blog on PAIL. Looking forward to following you. Maddox is a cutie!


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