Three Months Down

Our baby bee turned three months old and once again I have no idea how another month passed by so quickly or how on earth he got so big. Momma's got some good milk for that growing boy, but that doesn't explain how the heck we blinked and a month passed. What happened to that pixie dust I ordered? Can I add a slow-down-time machine to that order, please?

Month three was super eventful for baby M. It marked the end of my maternity leave and his first foray into the world of daycare. Work was fine for me, daycare was good for him. Baby M didn't cry at all during his first two weeks of daycare. Not even when he was sleepy!

Before heading off into our new world of daily separation, baby M and I went for a little 14 hour car ride to Maine. Mamie Jayne drove with us, or more accurately drove us (at least 75% of the way). We left at 8 am and by the time we hit our first rest area, had a nice routine down. We'd drive for 2.5 hours, stop, I'd bring M to the front seat and nurse while Mamie walked Feeney and grabbed a snack or drink for us from the back. When baby M finished nursing, we'd all go inside for a restroom break/diaper change. Each time we were back on the road within 45 minutes. On the way home S and I were even faster as M suddenly became a more efficient nurser in his third month of life and S decided to change him on the front seat rather than bringing him inside.

During his third month baby M celebrated Valentine's day with cards from momma, daddy and Nola. He had shots and weighed in at 11 pounds 10 ounces with a not-so-light cloth diaper on. Next time we'll make sure he's not fully weighed down! M had his first long separation from daddy during which time he took his evening bottle from PawPaw and Mamie. He visited his great-nana, slept in a crib, albeit in his bassinet, went the entire month without sleeping less than 10 hours a night, traveled to "Camp Maine" inthe mountains and felt real cold, went for a snowshoe, met momma's Maine friends, took baths in his bucket in several locations, took a bath in the sink at the cabin, was given custom artwork of a little boy riding an elephant, spotted a boat in real life hanging from the cabin ceiling and went absolutely bezerk (he loves the boat paining above his nursing chair at home), smiled a lot, laughed at daddy, road in the bumbleride without his car seat, held his bottle just a bit, had a play date with baby Marco, Anna and Luca, watched momma eat lobster rolls, went to Bow St. Market, wore his fleece mouse-suit that momma made him, had a play date with baby Everett, went on a short bottle strike, gave daddy huge smiles when he came home, went shopping a few times, bought some books about Maine, gave momma and eye-to-eye contact smile, became very vocal, had a big brush fire, had his first and only big snow storm, went cross-country skiing while it was snowing, met momma's work family, visited friend in CT, met his great-grandma and several great-uncles on daddy's side, had lunch with Finnian, slept in a laundry room, discovered the "balloons" hanging above his cradle, met uncle Michael, went to the park with the big kids, had burgers at Cowboy Cafe, tried out his new Keekaroo high chair, brought his noodle toy to his mouth for the first time, slept late for day light saving time, walked to the park and watched daddy throw the ball for Feeney, got a Jumperoo and fell in love with it quite quickly, and read lots and lots of books.

It was a good month.

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  1. Ok, he is pretty cute! He's had a busy life already! Maybe that's why it's going so fast? Or maybe because he seems to be such a good baby?

    1. He's the easiest baby I've ever met, so maybe time is passing quickly because I'm always looking forward to when I'll see him again after a nap, bed, or daycare!


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