The Great Fence Debate, Part II

Part one of the great fence debate two years ago centered around whether or not to enclose our side yard with a fence. Those in the "enclose" camp (me) won. Those in both camps are very glad we enclosed. Part two of the debate has been ongoing for two years: to stain or not to stain.

The fence is a focal point in our yard, it basically is our yard!
The fence comes right up to the street to create our side-backyard:
And then continues all around the side yard, behind the shed and back to the other side of the house.
It's a lot of fence. It's a lot of wood. A lot of unfinished wood. A lot of really rustic looking wood. And our house isn't exactly rustic. So I want to stain the fence. But until now I had no idea what color to use. Last summer, I thought maybe a shade of white in a transparent stain might look nice. But when I painted samples in a inconspicuous place that turned out to be visible from three rooms inside the house (duh!) something just wasn't right and I couldn't make a final decision.

Last week I saw a house with a fence similar to ours that was stained dark gray. I loved it. So I bought a few samples of Behr's solid fence & deck stain in shades of gray and tried them out on the fence behind the trashcans, ya know so it's not visible from inside the house....
The gray on the left is almost the same light gray of our shed. I think it's too light, like it might be a bight "woah, that's bright" focal point from the dozen or so houses that can see our fence from their yard. The center seems to have a bit too much green. But the dark gray, oh the dark gray, it seems jussst right. And not that I'm ever going to do this, but I think it would look cool to have the window trim the same dark gray as the fence. Not happening. But maybe the sunporch/office siding....

What do you think of the dark gray for the fence? I'm hoping to add a little more sophistication and less stockyard to the corral out there. Might the dark gray be my golden ticket?

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  1. LOVE it!! I think it's just what your fence needs :)

  2. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Hey, F... what fencing company did you use? I'm local and we're considering a fence for our backyard!

  3. We used Hal Co through Jeff Moore. He was great! Send me and email at ourlittlebeehive at gmail dot com if you'd like his phone number.

  4. What about painting the fence dark gray but the posts white? It might break up the vast gray area and look more structured. Would also be similar to the trim on your house.


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