Maddox and the Basket

We did a basket for baby M this year expecting that it was more for us than for him. We were so wrong, so very wrong.

The Basket

Initial curiosity
Immediately grabs for the largest toy:
And then for another toy:
Bring the whole basket to me, fools
I've got bugs on my feet and hands, but I don't care, look at this toy

Ooh, grass?
This stuff feels nice

Yeah, basket!

Reaching, reaching

Easily the most fun we've ever had before morning nap.

 Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Enjoy this beautiful day!
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  1. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Precious! I did "Pat the Bunny" last year for my son's first Easter, and he could have cared less. However, he is VERY into the book this year...especially putting his finger through the little ring hole ;)


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